Baobab seeds

Baobab seeds

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Baobab seeds are found on one of the few Baobab trees also known as the 'sacred tree' that grow in Zanzibar East Africa.

Baobab seeds are pick, boiled and coated in a mix which consists of water, Vanilla, Black pepper, cardamom, sugar and finished with a natural kick of citrus ready for consumption leaving your tongue dancing and and finger tips red. 

Rich in vitamin C and B6 which helps the skin and hair healthy, high in levels of potassium, magnesium and calcium which are electrolytes and helps stimulate muscles and nerves as well as regulating body fluids. Baobab seeds are also known to contain one of the world's richest  sources of antioxidant, great for the overall health as they delay repair and prevent damage to our cells.

To consume simply suck the powder off the seed, then discard.